Introducing Size

The lending marketplace with unified liquidity across maturities

To date in DeFi, we have mostly seen product market fit among pool-based lending protocols. This includes variable rate and short-term fixed-rate protocols.

While pool-based models are efficient in providing passive liquidity and socializing risk, they fragment liquidity for products with different maturities. For fixed-rate lending, this leads to not only higher slippage, but also an unfriendly user experience — borrowers and lenders are forced to pick maturities that don't line up with their preferred timelines.

Size is built on an order book model where offers are expressed as yield curves, allowing efficient and continuous pricing of fixed-rate products while maintaining unified liquidity.

Over time, we hope that this facilitates speculation by sophisticated bond/credit traders on not just a few maturities per year, but on rates for any date or time in the future, thus enabling a more efficient market.

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